Toyota C-HR Concept Review

The new Toyota C-HR Concept will be equipped with some of the most innovative features carefully made by the competent engineers from this auto making company. The vehicle has a youthful styling that is meant to enable Toyota do even better in terms of sales since the vehicle is anticipated to be very popular. The sporty appearance makes the new vehicle standout whenever compared with other vehicles in the same category. The latest designs and trends are applied on the interior where the vehicle has a variety of high standard interior features. Toyota has also ensured that the vehicle applies most of the modern attributes when it comes to the engine with a high fuel efficiency and possibility of a hybrid version later in the production.

Toyota C-HR Concept front view

Toyota C-HR Concept – Exterior and Interior Features

The Toyota making company has introduced a new design language on this upcoming Toyota C-HR Concept. This new design makes the vehicle dynamic yet agile enough for the urban lifestyle. one of the noticeable features on this vehicle are the large twenty-one inch multifaceted wheels that make the vehicle look sportier and improves handling capabilities. The vehicle has been made mainly using tough but light materials to give it improved fuel efficiency and speed. The front area has the usual grill found in many Toyota vehicles but on this new vehicle it has been restyled to make the vehicle look extra aggressive. Below this grille the new Toyota C-HR Concept is endowed with a masculine bumper that covers more than half of the front area. On the edges of this bumper there are sleek-looking fog lights that help the driver while driving in rainy and foggy areas through reducing the effects of reflective lights. The bumper has air intake spaces which are useful in passing air into the engine for cooling purposes. This vehicle also has carefully designed LED headlights that besides making it look more aggressive are very effective in improving visibility and also consume reduced quantities of power. The back area has more prominent tail lights that are placed just below the back window and stretch even to the side of the vehicle. The exhaust system has modern attributes including two tips which are placed on each side of the rear lower area.

To provide maximum comfort Toyota C-HR Concept has comfortable leather-covered seats that are also spacious where all the occupants can sit and move comfortably. This is complimented by the large cargo space for convenient carrying of luggage. The interior temperatures get regulated by a modern climate control unit that automatically keeps the temperatures cool regardless of the temperatures on the outside. Users of this vehicle get to enjoy quality entertainment through the modern infotainment. One can also connect a variety of modern devices since the vehicle is equipped with, USB ports, a Wi-Fi hot spot, smart phone integration ability and wireless Bluetooth. The dash-board is well-lit and has neatly arranged features including a wide color touch screen. All the occupants can use the seat belts and gets air bags to enhance comfort.

Toyota C-HR Concept interior

Toyota C-HR Concept – Engine and Performance

The anticipated engine under the bonnet of this futuristic vehicle will be a 2.4 inline four-cylinder unit producing 185 HP and 181 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled with a six drive automated transmission and works in a front wheel drive. The fuel efficiency of Toyota C-HR Concept is 27 mpg in city, 29 mpg on highways and 34 mpg when combined.

Toyota C-HR Concept side view

Toyota C-HR Concept – Release Date and Price

This sporty Toyota C-HR Concept is expected to be released during the last quarter of 2016 with a base price of about $ 24, 000.

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