Porsche Macan 2017 Review

The Porsche Macan 2017 is a stylish high-performance, small luxury crossover sports utility vehicle. The vehicle is a product of Porsche AG, a German subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The Porsche Macan series was first released in 2014 hence the Porsche Macan 2017 is a third-year model. The new SUV has four trim choices; the basic Macan; the Macan S Diesel; the Macan S and Macan GTS; and the Macan Turbo.

Porsche Macan 2017 front view

Porsche Macan 2017 – Exterior Features:

The body of the Porsche Macan 2017 is assembled on a modular longitudinal platform (MLP) and mounted on twenty-inch, satin black Spyder design wheels that create a wide base for the vehicle. The Porsche Macan 2017 is a five-door car with an edgy and sporty hatchback design that further enhances its sleek appearance. The front exterior spots the trademark large and lowered Porsche grille with air intakes, with the company logo placed at the front edge of its broad hood, and a lowered front bumper. Similarly, the car has a distinct rear bumper with a dual exhaust piping system that further enhances its aesthetics. Further, the car features flat panels on either side. The vehicles head and tail lights are either Xenon or LED enabled for ample lighting.

Interior Features:

The Porsche Macan 2017 has a plush interior characterized by Alcantara micro suede lining throughout the car interior and stitched sport leather seats with headrests. The vehicle has a nicely laid out dashboard that has the traditional Porsche console features with a notable variation being the left-hand placed ignition slot. The console features a navigation system that has a 3D display and the Porsche Communication Management system that controls the car’s features. However, although the Porsche Macan 2017 can carry up to five people, the car has limited headroom at the back as well as cargo area. Extra features of the new SUV include a 4.8-inch 3D dashboard display; the Porsche Communication Management system that controls the eight-speaker entertainment sound system and satellite radio; adaptive and auto-leveling suspension features; and a route calculation system. Others are a dual zone auto air conditioning system; cruise control; Xenon and optional LED internal lighting; and eight airbags. Further, it also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity and possible connectivity systems known as Porsche Connect, Porsche Connect Plus which has smart phone integration features and Apple CarPlay.

Porsche Macan 2017 interior

Porsche Macan 2017 – Engine Specifications:

The base Porsche Macan 2017 is fitted with a two-liter I4 Turbo engine with four cylinders capable of producing two hundred and thirty-four horsepower and a torque displacement of two hundred and fifty-eight pounds per foot. The Macan S and GTS are both fitted with a three liter V6 twin turbo engine with four cylinders for the S model and six cylinders for the GTS model. There is also, a diesel version of the S model equipped with a similar capacity turbo-diesel engine. The S model engine output is three hundred and forty horsepower and a torque capacity of three hundred and thirty-nine pounds per foot, while the GTS has three hundred and sixty horsepower and a torque capacity of three hundred and sixty-nine. The Macan Turbo trim has a 3.6-liter capacity twin turbo engine capable of four hundred horsepower.

The Porsche Macan 2017 transmission powertrain is made up of an automatic dual-clutch that goes up to the seventh speed level. This system is paired with a PDK gearbox set to transmit power to all the four wheels of the vehicle. Therefore, the SUV is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle with both on road and off-road capacities. The entire power train can get the vehicle to sixty miles per hour in 4.8 seconds and a possible top speed of one hundred and fifty-nine miles per hour. The front braking system is composed of 14.2-inch turbo rotors that have mono-block discs with six pistons, while the rear braking system is a thirteen-inch single piston floating disc.

Porsche Macan 2017 rear view

Porsche Macan 2017 – Expected Release Date And Price:

The Porsche Macan release period is in early 2016, the period between January and March. Similar to the engine specifications, the price of the Porsche SUV varies with the trim levels. The base Macan is priced at $ 52,600, $ around 54,000 for the S model, $68,195 for GTS trim and up to $73,000 for the Macan Turbo.

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