Mercedes GLC 2016 Review

The upcoming Mercedes GLC 2016 is anticipated to be an updated vehicle that will for sure change the dynamics of the compact crossover market. This is because the new vehicle has been endowed with modern and top quality features which make it more appealing. One of the areas of this vehicle that has exceptional features is the exterior appearance where the various features loudly announce that the vehicle is an elegant and top class vehicle. The interior comes with a variety of features that are designed and made using some of the latest technologies. The vehicle also gets a more powerful engine that is anticipated to also get better fuel efficiency.

Mercedes GLC 2016 front view

Mercedes GLC 2016 – Exterior and Interior Design

With fierce competition on the market, makers of Mercedes GLC 2016 have worked extra harder to provide the vehicle with an updated appearance so as to attract more young buyers who make a big percentage of the total market. The grill on the front is one of the special features that are strategically placed with an intention of making the vehicle look more aggressive. The massive front bumper has also played a major role in making the vehicle look powerful and also protecting some of the features on the front area. On this bumper there are sharp fog lights that are meant to make the vehicle look modern and they also improve visibility in rainy and foggy conditions. Furthermore this vehicle comes with restyled head lamps which have a fresh look and are mounted on the upper front area to make them more effective. These lamps also play an important role in enhancing the elegance of the vehicle and the fact that they use the LED technology means they consume much less power. On the front area there are massive air vents which cool the powerful engine and front braking system of this vehicle. On the back-end the tail lamps have been upgraded where they look more stylish and are more visible on this vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle has a sloping roof which further makes the vehicle look more aggressive.

The interior has an assortment of modern features that are meant to provide comfort and luxury. The modern attractive grayish trim is one of the most prominent interior attributes with this trim being built of genuine materials. The Mercedes GLC 2016 also comes with spacious seats that are conveniently covered with leather and are positioned in a manner that the interior also gets enough cargo space. On the dashboard there is an effective lighting and the various switches are arranged neatly to make this dashboard more interactive. Te interior also has an updated climate regulating system that keeps the temperatures at standard levels regardless of the temperatures on the exterior. The vehicle also gets a new infotainment unit and a variety of connection options. Safety is provided effectively through a variety of features including seat belts and air bags.

Mercedes GLC 2016 interior

Mercedes GLC 2016 – Engine and Performance

This modern Mercedes GLC 2016 comes with a 2.0 liter that has the ability to generate an optimum power of about 241 HP. This engine is matted with an eight speed quick shift transmission and is available in all wheel drive. There will be also a Hibrid model with 211 HP gas engine  combine with 114 HP electric engine. The engine is expected to consider the levels of fuel consumption and acceleration rates to meet the needs of the current market.

Mercedes GLC 2016 rear view

Mercedes GLC 2016 – Release Date and Price

The release date of this high performing Mercedes GLC 2016 is anticipated to be on the first half of 2016 and its anticipated starting price will be from $ 40, 000.

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