Ford Escape 2017 Release Date, Price

Ford has been the miracle car producers since the beginning. They are the master minds behind the best-selling vehicles and every time come up with a vehicles which win hearts for sure. Just like every other time, Ford has also excelled in announcing the redesigning of the Escape model. According to the spy photos the Ford Escape 2017 will be the one of a kind vehicle, everyone will talk about. The next generation model will be accompanied with new features in its outlook along with some revised perks as well. This will also be one of the best-selling models of Ford.

Ford Escape 2017 front view

Ford Escape 2017 – Exterior and Interior Changes

The Ford Escape 2017 has been seen in a modified front grille. It will be having a six-sided grille that is similar to the model Edge and Fusion sedan as well. The two horizontal bars are what makes the whole grille brand new. On the front fascia of the car there will be LED day lights and HID headlights as well. The lights are the new and redesigned features of the car as well. Apart from the headlights, the taillights of the SUV have also been remodeled which can be seen by the angular present at the back. Slight sharp features have been given to the lights to make the car seem streamlined and aggressive looking.

There won’t be any chrome detailing seen on the exterior of the car. However, there will be some bars present on the roof of the SUV. The parking sensors in the front are also visible. The handles of the doors will be seen black in color. The dual exhaust tips can be seen from under the bumper. Along with these a 2-inch trailer hitch receiver could be seen.

New Inside Look

As the model is totally new and the looks have been captured through the spy photos so there is no clear answer to what’s inside the interior. So it is expected that the 2017 Ford Escape will be having along the same features like it had in the previous model. Usually the new model will be having the looks and styles of a crossover, of course, so the inside of the SUV will be spacy. The cabin will be having a lot of new features with it. SYNC infotainment system, speakers, telescoping steering wheel, air bags, powered windows and side mirrors and all the other standard features will be coming along with it.

Ford Escape 2017 interior

Ford Escape 2017 – Powertrain

Rumors have been heard that the 2017 Ford Escape will be having an EcoBoost 1.6 liter engine. This engine will be able to produce horsepower up to 181 and 185 ft-lb torque. Other than the engine Ford Escape 2017 will be having the six-speed transmission. The additional engine will be an EcoBoost 2.0 liter engine able to generate 240 of horsepower and 270 ft-lb torque.

Ford Escape 2017 rear view

Ford Escape 2017 – Release Date and Price

The Ford Escape 2017 is expected to show up in 2017 in the markets. As the makers haven’t revealed anything specific about the car so we cannot say what price will be charged? But it is expected to start from $22,960 and so on.

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