Ford Edge 2016 Price, Release Date

If you have been looking for a middle sized crossover vehicle, then your search may be as well as over when the Ford Edge 2016 will be introduced in the market. Over the years, the Ford Company has firmly established itself as a major car producer and has produced models with amazing specifications at affordable prices. Many Ford customers will be hoping that many of their preferred features will be incorporated in this upcoming model of the Ford.

Ford Edge 2016 Front view

Ford Edge 2016 – Interior and Exterior Design

The interior and exterior of the Ford Edge 2016 will get a redesigned look that will act as the models selling point in the market. It’s rumored that the models seating arrangement will allow about five adult passengers to be seat comfortably in this vehicle. The cargo space provided will be boosted via the option of folding rear seats to increase that space. The models handling abilities will get a makeover for enhancing the overall ride comfort and driving experience. The interior has received some changes that will reduce the amount of noise thus enhancing music and audio delivery with less or minimal sound distractions. The front grille will be slightly enlarged while some use of LED technology will be noted on the headlamps and rear lights.

Chrome exhaust pipes and chrome decorations will be some of the few extras found. Leather covered seats that will have heat producing mechanism that will engage automatically on detection of cold conditions. The power lift gate will open automatically on detection of the owner of the vehicle. The twelve speaker audio system will act as a great comforting aspect for both the driver and the passengers due to the high-quality audio delivery. The eight-inch display will house the infotainment system that will have features like Bluetooth audio control, air and stability regulators, traction control and the automatic navigation system. Safety features to be included in the Ford Edge 2016 are collision alert system, assistive parking assist, blind spot coverage and rear parking sensors.

Ford Edge 2016 interior

Ford Edge 2016 – Engine and Performance

The Ford Edge 2016 engine will be provided in various options that will include the use of some of the engines available in the current models and introduction of new specimens of engines. If the rumors are to be relied upon the engines will have a capacity of 2.0 liters, 2.7 liters or 3.5 liters. The power delivery by these engines will be 245 hp and 275 lbs. of torque for the smallest engine while the medium sized engine will produce 315 hp and 350 pounds of torque. The largest of the three engines will have a power output of 280 hp and 250 lbs. torque. All the engines will have four cylindrical compartments and a duo turbocharger for better accelerating capabilities.

A towing capacity will be a must include due to the high power delivered by these engines. All the engines will be combined with a six-speed automatic transmission system that will have shifting options. It’s expected that the Eco-boost technology will be incorporated into the making of these engines. Critics believe that these engines will be highly fuel efficient and very powerful .it’s also believed that the eight-speed auto transmission system might also be considered. The drive platform on the Ford Edge 2016 will include either the front wheel drive or the inclusive all-wheel drive system.

Ford Edge 2016 side view

Ford Edge 2016 – Price and Release Date

Few changes will be expected in the prices when the Ford Edge 2016 is released on the market in the early 2016. Prices for the base model will be expected to start from $28, 000 while for the more advanced trims customers will be expected to pay a little more.

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