Ford EcoSport 2016 Review

The Ford EcoSport 2016 comes as the perfect response to the high demand of the previous model. This new SUV has been made in a way that its sales might even surpass those of the previous model which is one of the most popular vehicles in the market. The popularity of the upcoming vehicle is primarily attributed to a sleek and modern design that is appealing to almost everyone who loves an elegant looking vehicle. The interior also has state of the art attributes that are crafted using some of the latest technologies to provide comfort and provide occupants with more options. To further compliment the popularity of this modern vehicle, it comes with an upgraded power source where the engine has better fuel efficiency and is more reliable.

Ford EcoSport 2016 front view

Ford EcoSport 2016 – Exterior and Interior Features

The Ford EcoSport 2016 is anticipated to go through a major face lift where even though the general appearance will be similar to the previous model, the new vehicle will look more elegant. One of the key areas that are being changed on the vehicle includes the chrome implanted grille that comes with a stylish and sleeker design therefore giving the vehicle an improved elegant appearance. The bumper also gets a refreshed look where it is now wider and extends even on the sides of the vehicle. This vehicle comes with massive air intakes on the lower area of the bumper which are helpful in letting cooling air pass into the engine. LED technology has been applied on the head lamps where these lamps are more power efficient. The design of these lamps is in a manner that they enhance the aggressiveness of the vehicle without compromising their effectiveness. The vehicle also gets stronger fog lights that are positioned below the head lamps. Back fascia comes with refreshed sleek tail lights that are useful in enhancing the elegance of the vehicle. The boot opening mechanism of the vehicle is also placed nearer the tail lights to provide easier access. Driving dynamics and attractiveness of the vehicle are improved through the seventeen inch alloy wheels on the vehicle and there might be a sun roof on this new vehicle.

Convenience and comfort have been given priority as the main themes of the interior. The spacious and leather covered seats are specially designed to also use the modern heating technology and as a result increase comfort. On the back area of the interior there is increased cargo space which makes the vehicle ideal for a family. On the interior one can expect to be provided with top quality safety through the safety belts and air bags. The more interactive and well lit dashboard comes with a wide touch screen that updates the driver about the status of some of the features on the vehicle. Users of the vehicle also get quality entertainment through the modern infotainment unit that can even be connected with a number of modern gadgets.

Ford EcoSport 2016 interior

Ford EcoSport 2016 – Engine and Performance

Buyers of this modern Ford EcoSport 2016 get a number of engine options where the primary engine is a 1.5 liter unit that can generate 112 HP. The vehicle uses a six drive automatic transmission and is available in either four or two wheels drive system. The vehicle is also anticipated to have moderate efficiency and acceleration rates.

Ford EcoSport 2016 rear view

Ford EcoSport 2016 – Release Date and Price

The schedule to release Ford EcoSport 2016 shows it will be available for sale in late 2015 with a starting price of about $ 21,000.

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