BMW X6 2017 Redesign, Features

The incoming BMW X6 2017 model will be included in the crossover platform of models. This will be an assurance that as crossover models there will be an inclusion of high-level features and specifications. The model will be an upgrade to the current models in the market. The model will get some major tweaks so that it will be up to date with the current trends in the car market. It’s expected that this new model will be very powerful and fuel-efficient. This model will be produced in the second generation of these variants. The model is what you would call a balance between quality and economic resources.

BMW X6 2017 front

BMW X6 2017 – Interior and Exterior Design

The BMW X6 2017 will feature an all-wheel drive since at that class you wouldn’t expect a two-wheel drive model. BMW Company is largely known for producing luxurious models with an affordable price levels. The model prides itself as a victor since it can be able to handle all types of weather conditions. The model’s handling abilities have been improved. The sleek design used will give the model a good-looking appearance. The weight of the vehicle is expected to reduce by at least fifty pounds. The length will be increased while the width will widen. The height will be lowered so as to increase the level of stability by lowering the center of gravity. The wheel sizes will be either eighteen or twenty-one inches. The materials used will be of aluminum. The front side look and the grille have been redesigned.

Headlights have been incorporated using the latest LED technology. The interior side has been improved to avail more space for the passengers and luggage carriage. A dual zone climate control unit will be included for internal weather regulation. The leather seats will be heated, and they will be power operated. Enough leg room will be available since a larger wheelbase has been included in the model. The nose shark looks on the front side is a signature aspect by the BMW, and it’s likely that the signature move will not be left out. The BMW X6 2017 will have four doors and will allow about five adult passengers to be on board. The model will have two exhaust pipes and a breathable side air with large front fenders. Technological features to be available are the keyless entry, remote ignition system, power operated power gate and a high-quality audio system.

BMW X6 2017 interior

BMW X6 2017 – Powertrain Specs

Three engine options will be available with BMW X6 2017. An eight-speed automatic transmission systems will be coupled with the engines. The base engine will be a six cylinder diesel double turbocharged engine with a capacity of 3.0 liters. The power output of this engine will be 380 hp and about 600 pounds of torque. Another engine to be considered will be a turbo V8 engine that will have a displacement of about 4.4 liters and an output of 445 hp with torque topping to about 480 pounds. The six cylinder engine will be provided on rear wheel drive platforms. A hybrid variant of the BMW X6 2017 model will also be provided in the 3.0-liter model. The electric motor will draw its power from a lithium battery. The model will be able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 4.2 seconds.

BMW X6 2017 rear

BMW X6 2017 –Estimated Price and Arrival Date

This refreshed model will arrive in the market in the summer of 2017. The price of BMW X6 2017 will be an estimated with the base unit expected to start from $60,000.

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