BMW X6 2016 Specs, Price

BMW X6 2016 car model is hitting the market soon with features that are highly technological and meeting the current standards of quality driving. The car has an entertainment system that reduces boredom to the users. Its fuel consumption is highly economical compared to previous car models, making it the best choice for the users. Its improvements over previous models are making it a competitive model in the market, come to its release.

BMW X6 2016 Front view

BMW X6 2016 – Interior and Exterior Design

Its interior is designed well with fantastic features that make its use an exciting experience. It has an installation of a dual- zone climate control that is automated. The model is allowing the users to control the interior temperatures to their optimum levels, and this is making the car more appealing. It is having an option of leather seats which makes the car driving pleasurable.

BMW X6 2016 has a high-definition radio, Bluetooth connectivity, smart phone connectivity, USB power ports, a charging system, a navigation that includes a 10.2-inch display and rear seat entertainment system. It also has an adaptive cruise adjustments, warnings on lane departures, front collision warning, and an automatic braking. The model will also have a 360- degree camera installation. It has a cargo space that allows transportation of passenger luggage. It is with airbags that protect passengers in case of an accident. BMW X6 2016 has aluminum gear shift paddles and gear shift levers. It is having leather steering wheels as well as multi-function seats that are controlled electronically for the front passengers and the driver. It has indicators for the revolutions, gear and shift lights.

BMW X6 2016 exterior is in a way to optimize aerodynamics as well as ensuring efficient cooling. It has four large conspicuous air intakes that are large to allow more air inside and flaps at the end of the front. Its exterior comprises of front and back parking sensors that ensure safety in parking. It is also providing sporting ambitions to the users as well as having a functional led design. It has a rich coloring that is leaving it very attractive.

BMW X6 2016 interior

BMW X6 2016 – Performance and Engine

The performance of the engine is high with a low fuel consumption that is making this model fuel economical. Its fuel use, as well as its carbon dioxide release, is cut by twenty percent comparing to previous models. It accelerates from 0 to 60 meters per hour in four seconds. It has a standard 8-speed electronic transmission. Its torque is increased by 10 percent making it to 553 lb-ft, and its revolution range is between 2,200 and 5,000 revolutions per minute. It is using Twin-scroll turbochargers that are a Turbo technology in Twinpower. It produces a horsepower of 567 with its 4.4 L V8 engine and between six thousand and six thousands five hundred revolutions per minute.

BMW X6 2016 rear view

BMW X6 2016 – Price and Release Date

BMW X6 2016 car model will be in the market on 2016 when it is going to be its peak season. The car will be selling at a price that is in between.

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