BMW X5 2016 Review

BMW X5 2016 will be a model that will leave a satisfying experience to the users. Its design is in the modern way that is incorporating the latest technology in the car industry. Providing comfort, fuel economy and security while in use, this car model will have many customers in the market.

BMW X5 2016 front view

BMW X5 2016 –  New Design and Features

BMW X5 2016 interior design is considering the latest technology that suits the car of its kind. It is having the leather steering wheel and leather seats that are comfortable while sitting on compared to the previous models. It has internal temperature controls that are enabling comfort in the car. The car is having three rows of seats that will allow six to seven passengers comfortably. Its interior controls are easy to use, and this makes using the car a great experience to the users.

The driver has options to choose the cars controls of its dynamic stability. It has a dual- zone climate control that is automated. It has a high definition radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB power ports, a charging system, a navigation that includes a 10.2-inch display, a rear seat entertainment system equipped with a dual screen. It also has an adaptive cruise adjustment, warnings on lane departures, front collision warning and an automatic braking. The model will also have a 360- degree camera installation. It has a cargo space that allows transportation of passenger luggage. It has airbags that help to protect passengers in case of an accident.

BMW X5 2016 exterior is attractive, providing a sporting ambition and an appropriate expression to the users as well as the viewers. Its surface comprises of in front and back parking sensors that ensure safety in parking. They cast a low-slung design on the road, and exterior painted entirely. They have different tyres that showcase their sporty track. The tyres are 20- inch alloy wheels mixed with forged 21- inch alloy wheels that are all light. Its mirrors are in twin-stalk style and are having a four-tailpipe exhausting system. It is allowing large air intakes at the front, side grills and air breathers.

BMW X5 2016 interior

BMW X5 2016 – Engine and Performance

BMW X5 2016 has a powerful engine that is cutting fuel consumption by twenty percent comparing to other previous models. Its carbon dioxide emission is lower by twenty percent compared to other preceding models. Its engine is turbocharged and with six cylinders, with two V8 turbocharged engines which are very economical and efficient to use. The car model will have an automatic transmission and an eight-speed gearbox that is quickly shifting allowing a vast experience in its driving. The BMW X5 2016 diesel model will be having a 3.0L engine that will produce 300 horsepower and 300 torque. Its revolution band is improving from 2,200 to 5,000 revolutions per minute.

BMW X5 2016 side view

BMW X5 2016 – Price and Release Date

The excellent experience BMW X5 car model will be on the market in 2016.The expected price at which the upcoming vehicle is to retail at will be ranging from $ 55,000.

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