BMW X4 2017 Release Date, Price

The BMW X4 2017 is a futuristic crossover that is endowed with a variety of much updated features that make it one of the most outstanding vehicles. The engineers making BMW X4 2017 to ensured that every detail is carefully crafted to ensure at the end they produce a perfect vehicle with capabilities to meet clients’ needs. The appearance of this vehicle speaks volumes about its elegance where one can clearly see the outstanding exterior features that are made in a modern style. The interior also comes with state of the art modern features that provide the users of the vehicle with a number of technologically oriented options and an enhanced comfort. This vehicle also comes with a superior engine with improved abilities and higher fuel economy.

BMW X4 2017 front view

BMW X4 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

A huge percent of the BMW X4 2017 body and prominent features are made using light but strong materials with an objective of reducing the net weight of the vehicle. This in turn makes the vehicle lighter than most similar vehicle and consequently this new vehicle comes with better fuel economy and can move faster. When it comes to design one can note the butterfly grille on the front area which is important in enhancing the elegance of the vehicle. A few inches below the grille there is a prominent bumper made to provide the vehicle with an intimidating look while at the same time protecting some of the features. The center of the bumper has air intake spaces that help in allowing cooling air into the powerful engine. Another prominent feature on the front area is a set of sleek head lamps that are placed alongside the grille and stretch a few inches to the hood to give this vehicle a more aggressive appearance. The LED technology used on these lights means that they consume less power and are more effective. On the rear end there are more visible and restyled tail lights which are placed just below the back window. These lights also use the LED technology to enhance their effectiveness. The vehicle also comes with modern alloy covered wheels which make it more elegant and sportier.

Luxury and comfort are some of the primary attributes that the makes of BMW X4 2017 have concentrated on while designing the interior. Some of the attributes that are meant to make the vehicle comfortable and luxurious include the soft and spacious seats that also use heating technology. The cabin has high quality lighting for night driving and the various features are well organized with an objective of making this dashboard more interactive. On this dashboard there is a wide color touch screen that is used to control a variety of features including the new improved infotainment unit. There is also a number of safety attributes inside the vehicle including automatic air bags and seat belts. Regulated interior temperatures are available through the modern climate control unit. User of the vehicle can also utilize the technologically oriented connection options including the wireless Bluetooth that provides the driver with freedom to use the hands free phone.

BMW X4 2017 interior

BMW X4 2017 – Engine and Performance

The power of BMW X4 2017 comes from a 3 liter V6 turbocharged unit with ability to generate an excess of 280 HP. The engine comes with a six drive automatic transmission and is available in just all wheel drive. The fuel efficiency of the engine has been improved significantly to make the vehicle economical. The acceleration of the vehicle has also been improved to make it sufficiently fast.

BMW X4 2017 rear view

BMW X4 2017 – Release Date and Price

The BMW X4 2017 will be available in show room during the last quarter of 2015 with an initial price of $ 45, 000.

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