BMW X3 2016 Review, Price

The BMW Company has been an avid producer in the car market industry. The company has established itself as a leading car producer. This can be noted by the number of high-end models the company has produced. In the recent past BMW has produced some high-quality models. This trend is not expected to shift during the release of the BMW X3 2016 model. Some speculations concerning the models features have been there.

BMW X3 2016 front view

BMW X3 2016 – Interior and Exterior Design

The BMW X3 2016 model features bigger brake pads and has the option of getting a larger sunroof at an extra charge. Aerodynamic wheel covers are available for this model. The seats are designed to be more slim and lighter to recline on both front and rear side. The rear seats are fully collapsible while the front seats are immovable. The idea of collapsible back seats is to provide more cargo space. Adaptive LED headlights are also available with the model. The door mirrors have the auto-dimming feature and turn-signal indicator.

The driver has the freedom of controlling air conditioning system, the temperatures in the vehicle and the music system. The BMW X3 2016 features some of the latest technology that remote key less entry, external temperature display, active control of the cruise, cup holders and door pockets. The power steering enhances the driving experience. The steering is leather-covered and can generate heat on its own in case of extreme weather conditions. The BMW X3 2016 is available in four variants. These variants vary accordingly due to the differences in fuel consumption and the power output by their engines. The 8-way power seats are an added luxury to the model. Both the passenger and the driver’s seats are height-adjustable to cater for the variations in people’s heights. These seats have a leather covering and have a folding center armrest.

On the dashboard, there are several self-assist services. These services will include the navigation system with voice directions, destination download and smartphones compatibility for mobile applications. The wireless Bluetooth connection can be used to activate the hands-free calling feature to receive calls. Settings for up to two drivers can be memorized on the dashboard memory system. An all view camera is installed. Blind spot checking, lane switch warning, and park assist are available in the BMW X3 2016 model. The airbags are conveniently placed on the overhead and front side. Other features include power gate, USB connection, moon roof, xenon headlamps and LED brake lights. Anti-lock brake disks, head restraints, and anti-theft security system is installed.

BMW X3 2016 interior

BMW X3 2016 – Engine and Performance

The BMW X3 2016 is powered by turbocharged four or six cylinders engine. The model will be available in the normal model that uses petrol and the hybrid version that uses diesel. The diesel variant will produce less horsepower than the petrol variant. The diesel engine will have an output of 180 hp while the premium variant will produce about 240 horsepower.The engine with four cylinders will have a capacity of 2.0 l while the six-cylinder engine will have a capacity of 3.0 l. The engine will be linked up to an eight-speed transmission system with the option of manual shift.

The transmission system will be available in either automatic or manual options. These new types of the engine will produce more torque than those available in the previous models. The consumers will have the option of choosing either front-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive. Since the 2016 BMW X3 will be available in several variants, one of the models engines will have a double-turbocharger. With these types of features, the engine is expected to provide high acceleration.

There are speculations that the turbo diesel model will be slower than the previous models. The BMW X3 2016 has a good fuel economy for that class of cars .estimates for the class. The engine stop/start function that helps in conservation of fuel can be slow to restart the engine after the vehicle has come to a stop. The variant has an extremely sharp and accurate handling while navigating through corners.

BMW X3 2016 side view

BMW X3 2016 – Release Date and Expected Price

The release date has not been confirmed, but it’s speculated to be early next year. The price of the BMW X3 2016 is expected to be in the ranges of $40, 000 to around $44, 000.

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