BMW X1 2017 Price, Specs

The compact SUV was originally introduced in the market in the year 2009. The BMW Company is going to introduce a refreshed series of the X1 model. The upcoming BMW X1 2017 model will be a crossover model. All customers’ inputs have been put into consideration during the production of this model. The model features all elements needed in the modern market. This model will be one of the smallest models produced by the Bavarian car manufacturer.

BMW X1 2017 front view

BMW X1 2017 – Interior and Exterior Design

The BMW X1 2017 will feature an improved exterior that assimilates some aspects from the previous models while capitalizing on the trending features. The interior has been made in such a way that it maximizes passengers comfort while reducing the instances of discomfort. The LED headlights have been curved at an angle to give the model a unique and stylish look. The kidney grill has been lengthened while the hood has been sculpted to give the model a similar front like the one that you will find in the level one series. The model has been streamlined to increase the crossover width. The center console has been increased in length while you are bound to find the usual analog cluster display for normal functions like mileage and speed. The steering wheel will get the capabilities of multi-functioning. The body kit will have enough space to accommodate the broad fenders.

A large percentage of the BMW X1 2017 body parts will be made using lightweight materials, and this will greatly reduce the weight of the model. The model’s ride height has been increased while the width and bumper have been widened and this will make the model to be more stable. The rear tail lights have been made sharper. The models wheels will be slightly larger and will work in combination with the improved suspension to improve the vehicles aerodynamics. The brown trim in the interior will be made with materials from leather and wood; this will give the model a luxurious looking interior. The dashboard has also received some major changes that include a bigger screen that has been placed on top of the dashboard. The screen will support the infotainment system and has a user-friendly inter phase, Seat belts, automatic airbags and collision warnings are some of the safety features installed in this model.

BMW X1 2017 interior

BMW X1 2017 – Engine and Performance

It’s been speculated that with this model, several engine variations will be provided in the BMW X1 2017 model; the will include a 1.5 liter with three cylinders or 2.0-liter engine with four cylinders. A double turbocharger is a must have for all these engines. The engine will provide a power of 228 hp and torque of 258 pounds. A plug-in hybrid model that will have the capability of using gasoline will also be released. The engines will be linked to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission systems. The front wheel drive will be offered on the standard models while the all-wheel drive will be provided on other trim models. The engines in the BMW X1 2017 models have been optimized for optimum fuel usage. The model will be able to achieve speeds of 60 mph from zero in about 5.5 seconds. The steering, brakes, suspension and differential have been seamlessly incorporated for a better and smoother ride.

BMW X1 2017 rear view

BMW X1 2017 – Release Date and Price

The BMW X1 2017 will be available in the car market in late 2017 at prices averaging from around $35, 000 for the standard and increased prices for the other trim models.

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