Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV Specs, Price

A new Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV will be joining the market once its production is completed. This new vehicle will be one of the eight new vehicles that this auto making company is expected to release by 2018. On the exterior the upcoming Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV is anticipated to have a modern elegant look that will be facilitated by careful designing of various exterior features. This vehicle is also anticipated to have an updated interior that is equipped with state of the art features made using the latest techniques. Being a modern SUV it is expected that the drive train will be superior with a high performance and improved fuel efficiency with a hybrid version being expected later.

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV front

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV – Exterior and Interior

This new SUV will be inspired by the Kamal concept and therefore it will have an outstanding appearance. This is primarily characterized by a masculine belt line, an aggressive front fascia and a sloping roof line. This vehicle comes with an iconic shield grille that is sleek and enhances the aggressive appearance. On the front there is also a prominent front bumper that is ideal for a powerful off-road vehicle and plays an important role in making the vehicle look powerful. On this bumper there are in-built fog lights that are useful in effectively reducing reflective lights while driving in foggy and rainy places. This powerful vehicle also comes with restyled headlights that are mounted on the edges of the front area and makes the vehicle look even more aggressive while still proving clear visibility. These headlights using the modern LED technology means that they consume much less power and are more effective. The lower front area has wide air vents that pass cooling air into the engine of the vehicle. The rear area has been endowed with a huge bumper that is clearly visible from a distance. The tail lights have a sleek design where they are more prominent. The vehicle also comes with huge and attractive wheels which are ideal for driving in different kinds of terrains.

On the interior there are various utility features that have been designed using the latest technologies. Some of these features include spacious seats covered with premium materials and using the modern heating technology to provide all the occupants with optimum comfort. Inside the vehicle there is also enough cargo space which qualifies the SUV to be a suitable family vehicle. The seats are positioned in a way that there is provision for a child’s seat and cup holders. There are safety belts and air bags for everyone to enhance top quality safety. The interior temperatures remains standard despite the exterior temperatures since there is a modern climate control system. This vehicle also comes with a modern infotainment unit that provides quality entertainment. The dashboard has a stylish and convenient interface that is facilitated y neatly arranged features and a wide color touch screen.

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV interior

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV – Engine and Performance

The expected engine under the hood of this SUV is a V6 six cylinder unit that can generate an optimum power of about 500 HP. This particular unit is mated with a six speed automatic transmission and is available in a four-wheel drive system. The engine comes with high fuel efficiency to make the vehicle suitable for the modern fuel economy conscious market. The engine has ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds and the top speed is 155 mph.

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV side

Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV – Release Date and Price

Makers of this powerful vehicle are expected to release it during the second half of 2016. The price is not yet reviled.

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