2016 Toyota Venza Redesign

The brains behind the new 2016 Toyota Venza will make an automobile that suits the market demands in terms of aerodynamics, mobility, and performance in all terrains. Consequently, we expect the 2016 Toyota Venza to be a hit in the market because reports indicate Toyota is working on producing a Venza that not only meets the needs of the market but a car that will also offer good competition to the other cars in the same class. It will feature a completely new SUV exterior together with a new interior and engine options. It will not be the typical MPV in the market but a superior car with undoubtedly high performance and exquisite appearance that can compete with the other high-performance SUVs in the market.

2016 Toyota Venza front

2016 Toyota Venza –  Redesign and Exterior Look :

It is important to point out that the exterior of the new Toyota Venza is going to be smaller than that of the predecessor. The 2016 Toyota Venza MPV will be a more fuel-efficient car that is easy to handle, compared to the model already in the market. The manufacturing company is giving the car a new design of straight lines with sharp edges that give it a masculine flair and bolder look. When the exterior is smaller, the interior space will remain the same. It will still have room for seven people and can still carry the same capacity of luggage. Due to the redesign, we expect a car that has increased aerodynamics.

While there will be no changes in the interior dimensions of the 2016 Toyota Venza, there will be massive changes in the interior specs. The infotainment system of the 2016 Toyota Venza will be internet enabled, and the seats used in the car will be of cream leather seats, which are more comfortable. The new Toyota vehicle will have other interior specs such as parking sensors, satellite navigation, and climate control among other features.

2016 Toyota Venza interior

2016 Toyota Venza – Engine Specifications:

Reports from the Toyota manufacturing plant indicate that the new model Venza will feature two engine options. One of the engines will be a standard four- cylinder engine of 2.7 liter paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox that produces 181 hp and a torque of 246 Nm. The other option will be a 3.5 liter V6 engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission system that produces 268 horsepower and 333 Nm of torque. The two engine options in the Toyota Venza car offer better fuel economy, increased power, and smoother rides.

2016 Toyota Venza rear

2016 Toyota Venza – Price and Release Date:

The new Toyota Venza will have a starting price of around $ 30, 000 for the base model and a price of around $ 35, 000 for the one with additional sophisticated interior and engine features. The exact release date of the new model is not yet announced, but reports indicate the new Venza model will be released before the end of 2016.

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