2016 Toyota 4Runner Review

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. It is known for the production of superior quality and reliable vehicles. Of recent, Toyota has developed a concept of one of the most adored Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), the 2016 Toyota 4Runner. It will see a lot of refinement and improvements, which will enable it to beat almost any other rival in the market. There is much anticipation that this SUV will have more off-road capabilities. Additionally, there will be redesigns in the inside, outside and in the engine performance.

2016 Toyota 4Runner front

2016 Toyota 4Runner – A lot of New Features:

The interior of the vehicle will be more uplifted compared to the former models. The inside will have leather finishing at the cabin. The driver’s seat will be configured in a way that comfort will be highly enhanced. In addition, the seat will be adjustable in eight different ways. The passengers’ seat will offer four-way adjustment option. The 2016 Toyota 4Runner comes equipped with the latest technology; in the dashboard is a 7 inches’ touch screen display; the navigation system is also installed, new infotainment system and climate control system. More features include USB port, which enables connectivity of a Smartphone and iPods via a cable. The Bluetooth connectivity is also available as the vehicle is Bluetooth enabled. One can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and the GPS system is available. The interior beauty will be enhanced by the use of the leather coating. The interior of this vehicle will be more refined in order to accommodate more safety features such as additional airbags. The vehicle will have 8 airbags for the safety of the occupants.

Exterior Design:

The exterior will also feature some modifications. The vehicle is expected to be lighter in weight due to the incorporation of lighter materials in the construction of the body parts. The weight reduction will enhance more fuel efficiency and the maneuverability of this vehicle. The new features expected in exterior uplifts include; reworked grille and a wider bumper at the front side. The headlamps will be changed to feature new LED headlamps. Generally, the vehicle exterior look will be reworked to give the vehicle a more muscular appearance. It is also rumored that both on-road and off-road capabilities will be better as compared to earlier models.

2016 Toyota 4Runner interior

2016 Toyota 4Runner – Engine Performance:

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner SUV will draw its power from 4.0 liters V6 engine, which will be able to produce 270 hp at 5600 rotations per minute and 278 pound-feet of torque at 4400 rotations per minute. The power will be connected to 5 transmissions which will be automatic. The vehicle comes with three drive train choices; 2 wheel drive, part-time 4-wheeldrive or full-time 4-wheel drive. The two-wheel drive will be based in SR5 and limited trims. Part time 4-wheel drive will be based in SR5, TRD and Trail trims. The full-time four-wheel drive will be based in limited trim; this will feature a differential center lock and limited slip. The fuel economy for the 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be; for the two-wheel drive while driving in city, fuel economy is 17 mpg and 22 mpg in the highway. For the four-wheel drive, city fuel economy will be 17 mpg and 21 mpg for the highway.

2016 Toyota 4Runner side

2016 Toyota 4Runner – Expected Price and Release Date:

The prices will differ according to the model of the vehicle.

Two-wheel SR5 will cost $33,500

Trial models will cost $36,300

Limited models will cost $41,000

TRD pro series will cost$42,500

2016 Toyota 4Runner release date

The Toyota 4Runner is expected to hit the market late 2016, around autumn.

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