2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid

The 2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid is the American version of the Nissan Qashqai sold mostly in Europe, it has been in the market since 2007 when it made its debut. This model is family oriented and can carry up to 7 passengers, has ample space for luggage and is comfortable and safe. Great improvements have been made in the interior and on aerodynamics. It will have 2 trims: SV and SL that can drive through any terrain and fuel efficiency has been greatly improved.

2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid front

2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid – Interior and Stylish Exterior:

The exterior of the 2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid is stylish with the 5 door chassis being made of hardened steel, carbon fiber and aluminum. There will be standard 17 inch steel alloy wheels but higher trims have an upgrade option if a higher road clearance is required. A redesigned chrome grille, fog lights, LED daytime driving lights and headlights have been incorporated at the front to add to the bullish look of this SUV. Large air vents don the front to cool the engine and at the back for the internal HVAC system.

The interior has many additions and improvements to add to the luxury and comfort. The cabin is spacious and has an exquisite sporty black finish. There is a panoramic sunroof and an option of having mirrors on the inside. The three rows of seats are meant to accommodate seven and they will be dense form seats that are suitable for long rides; all seats have high quality leather covers. The middle row can slide backwards to increase leg room and comfort when the 3rd row isn’t in use. For infotainment the SV trim will have 6 speakers while the SL will have 9; this and a CD/DVD player, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio make up the quality entertainment aspect of the Rogue Nissan. Navigation and entertainment is controlled from a touch screen display. Other features include a push start button and dual zone automatic climate control. The dashboard controls are systematic and easy to reach for the driver. For safety and stability the 2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid has: traction control, surround view camera system, blind spot monitoring, a forward collision alert system and a lane departure warning system. There are also dual front and side impact airbags for maximum protection of the passengers and despite the three rows of seats, this Rogue has enough cargo space.

2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid interior
2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid – Drive Train and Transmission Updates:

Under the hood for both trims the engine is the same as with the previous model. There will be only one powertrain option for the 2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid; a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission. The front wheel drive is standard although customers have an all wheel option. This engine can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 9 seconds and will have an output of 154 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 175 pound foot of torque at 4400 rpm. Because of the lighter materials used; fuel efficiency has improved to 23 miles per gallon on highways and 28 mpg on city roads. Performance of this vehicle has increased and the driving experience is enjoyable, quiet and comfortable.

2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid side

2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid – Estimated Arrival and Price:

The price of the 2016 Nissan Rogue Hybrid will start at $28,000 with the release date expected to be in the last quarter of 2016. Competition for this model will come from the Toyota Rav4 and Ford Escape SUVs.

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