2016 Mazda Koera Concept

The 2016 Mazda Koera is a futuristic vehicle that will be endowed with high quality attributes. Some of the primary attributes anticipated on this vehicle include a modern design that is specially made to ensure the vehicle is more appealing. Inside the 2016 Mazda Koera users will be able to enjoy a variety of features that include comfortable attributes and technologically oriented options that are found in most modern vehicle. Makers of this vehicle have also ensured that users get to enjoy high quality driving experience through endowing the vehicle with a powerful engine that also has good fuel efficiency therefore making the vehicle one of the most reliable vehicles in the market.

2016 Mazda Koera front

2016 Mazda Koera – Exterior and Interior Design

Just by looking at this 2016 Mazda Koera one can tell that it is going to do well in terms of sales. This is because most of its exterior features have a modern touch that is vital since the market favors god looking vehicles. The front area has been endowed with an elegant looking grille that makes this vehicle look more aggressive. The vehicle also has a wide bumper that is positioned on the lower front area to protect the vehicle and also make it look powerful. The head lights of 2016 Mazda Koera use the smart LED technology which is well-known for being more effective and consuming reduced quantities of power compared with traditional lights. These headlights come in a unique design which further improves the aggressiveness of this vehicle. The vehicle has sharp fog lights that are placed on the bumper and are very effective in reducing reflective lights. This new vehicle also has a modern looking back-end that has sleek-looking tail lights and an improved exhaust unit. On the windscreen there are modern wipers that enhance visibility and convenient driving through automatically wiping the windscreen whenever it is wet. This vehicle has large wheels which are useful in improving driving dynamics and handling of the vehicle. The ability to choose a car of ones preferences when it comes to color has been provided through this vehicle coming in a variety of colors.

On the interior user of 2016 Mazda Koera get to enjoy innovative and high quality features that the vehicle is endowed with. Some of the most prominent of these features include a new infotainment unit that provides high quality entertainment. There are also a number of different modern connection options which include; Wi-fi, USB ports, Bluetooth and smart phone connectivity. This vehicle is also endowed with a state of the art climate regulating unit that ensures there is regulated climate on the interior even when the exterior temperatures are high or low. Comfort inside this vehicle is effectively provided through the seats being covered with premium materials and the heating technology. There is also enough room for the occupants to move and sit comfortably. The dashboard is modern with good lighting and a wide touch screen. The 2016 Mazda Koera comes with an electric steering wheel that improves handling and it has a keyless starting option.

2016 Mazda Koere interior

2016 Mazda Koera – Engine and Performance

The engine expected on 2016 Mazda Koera will for sure be powerful enough to enable the vehicle be able to navigate different kinds of terrains. The engine also comes with high fuel efficiency that is important in ensuring the users do not spend a lot on fuel. This engine is available in automated transmission and works with a rear wheel drive system.

2016 Mazda Koere rear view

2016 Mazda Koera – Release Date and Price

The 2016 Mazda Koera is expected to be introduced to the market for sale during the second half of 2016 with a starting price of about $ 31, 000.

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