2016 Maserrati Levante Specs, Price

The upcoming 2016 Maserrati Levante will be the first SUV from this company. This new vehicle has been designed as a luxurious high performing vehicle that will for sure give some of the top SUVs a run for their money once it is released. The appearance of 2016 Maserrati Levante clearly shows modern and elegant features which have been carefully designed to make the vehicle superior when it comes to appearance. Being a luxurious vehicle means that the interior is endowed with a variety of modern technologically oriented features which provide unmatched comfort and convenience. This vehicle also has a powerful engine with high fuel efficiency that enables it to comfortably handle even off-road terrains.

2016 Maserrati Levante front view

2016 Maserrati Levante – Exterior and Interior

This new 2016 Maserrati Levante has been designed using a combination of three different platforms with the most prominent one being the Ghibli platform. This design makes the vehicle look sleek and muscular consequently making it a suitable vehicle for people who rate vehicle according to their appearances. Some of the prominent attributes on the vehicle include a trident grille which is strategically positioned to make the vehicle look elegant. Their vehicle has massive air vents on the front area which are useful in cooling the engine. There are smooth and slim head lamps on the front area which use the LED technology which is better when it comes to power economy and effectiveness of the lamps. These lamps being slim have given the front area a more aggressive appearance which in turn makes the vehicle more appealing. The front bumper is also big where it provides a powerful look on the vehicle. Around the back there is a clean tail light design and large exhaust outlets that are positioned in a quad pipe layout. The vehicle also has beefy rear fenders that extend towards the clearly visible tail gates. There is a subtle spoiler that is placed above the tailgate that makes the vehicle look sleeker. Buyers will get the freedom to choose the color of their choice since the vehicle is available in a variety of colors.

The interior has a fresh looking design where the 2016 Maserrati Levante has a leather and alcantara upholstery on the seats with contrasting stitching. These seats are positioned in a way that there is ample moving and sitting space but the back seats might have reduced space because of the sloping roof. The vehicle comes with a two-tone dashboard with neatly arranged switches and a large color touch screen. The steering wheel is covered with leather and some of the switches are carefully placed on it to make driving this vehicle more convenient. Some technologically oriented options found inside the vehicle include connection abilities, a powerful infotainment unit, a zonal climate control unit and a key less starting option.

2016 Maserrati Levante interior

2016 Maserrati Levante – Engine and Performance

This luxurious 2016 Maserrati Levante has a 3.0 liter V6 engine that is endowed with ability to generate 404 HP and 406 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled with a six speed transmission that is automatic and works with an all wheel drive system. The fuel efficiency of the engine is anticipated to be high with an objective of letting customers save more on fuel. The engine can accelerate from0 to 60 mph in just five seconds therefore making the vehicle ideal for people who love speed.

2016 Maserrati Levante rear view

2016 Maserrati Levante – Release Date and Price

The release date of 2016 Maserrati Levante is anticipated to be on the beginning of 2016 with a starting price of about $ 67, 000.

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