2016 Jeep Cherokee Redesign

For such a long time, the producers of Jeep Cherokee have dominated the car industry. The company has managed to stay afloat by producing large models with high-end features that easily puts down their competitors. The upcoming variant will be known as 2016 Jeep Cherokee. The model will be looking to explore different opportunities available in the car market. Jeeps have been made to be able to handle different road conditions and it’s expected that this engine will not be any different. Various upgrades will be expected to be noted in the model for improved comfort and performance.

2016 Jeep Cherokee front

2016 Jeep Cherokee – Interior and Exterior

Several tweaks will be noted on 2016 Jeep Cherokee. The interior space has been increased to cater for leg room and cabin space available. Two rows of seats will be available, but many people think that a third row should have included. The seating setup will allow about five passengers to be no board. Heated seats will be available on the premium models.An 8.4 inches display has been conveniently placed on the dashboard of the premium model. The base models will receive a five-inch touch screen that will offer haptic feedback. The infotainment system will offer an advanced navigation system and high-definition radio.An optional sunroof has been included to allow light penetration to the interior side.

Several security options will include but most will be provided as extra options in 2016 Jeep Cherokee. Blind spot zones have been monitored. Cross traffic warnings and a 360 degrees view camera have also been included for an all-round view. The second-row seats can be folded to increase the luggage space needed. The seats will offer the recline function for improving the comfort. The cargo management system will provide features for better luggage storage. A power sliding glass has been included on the front panel. The front and backside suspensions will be independent, and this means that the dynamics will be much improved. The power steering will be speed sensitive and will auto adjust for better handling and maneuvering during parking.

2016 Jeep Cherokee interior

2016 Jeep Cherokee – Engine Specs

The engine option to be included will have a fuel carriage of 2.4 liters. A disconnecting back side axle will provide maximum fuel usage. The other option will be a 2.8 liters engine with four cylinders and will have the capability to produce 171 pounds of torque and 184 hp. A 3.6 liter V6 engine would also be considered. The V6 engine will produce 239 pounds of torque and 271 hp. 2016 Jeep Cherokee will feature a nine-speed automatic transmission system. The idea of an eight-speed transmission unit cannot be completely left out. A traction control unit will allow the driver to choose from five different modes for better grip on all types of surfaces.

The model will offer towing capabilities. The 2016 Jeep Cherokee will be able to sprint to 60 mph from zero in about ten seconds. A for wheel drive system will be the most preferred drive system. A single speed system with brake and traction control will be included for those who would prefer an all-weather handling model.

2016 Jeep Cherokee side

2016 Jeep Cherokee – Date and Estimated Price

The 2016 Jeep Cherokee will be rolled out by March 2016. Not many details are known concerning the prices, but the price is being estimated to begin from $23,000 and can shift upwards to about $31,000.

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